Adopt an AgLanta "Grows-A-Lot" 

Click image above to view photos of  the (4) pilot AgLanta "Grows-A-Lot " Urban Garden teams.  May 2018 (2) additional urban gardens and (3) farms are available for adoption.   Photo credits: The Smalls, Marrietta Murton , Khari Diop, Elizabeth Beak, Shannon Lee. 


AgLanta "Grows-A-Lot" is a City of Atlanta program that invites entrepreneurs, non-profits, and residents to apply for a 5-year renewable license to adopt a vacant, city-owned property to start a new urban garden or urban farm in AgLanta.   Together, we are  producing healthy food and rich compost on rooftops to energy right-of-ways.  Applicants can search available properties ; review applicant requirements;  and start the five-step application process by clicking the urban garden or urban farm button below -  or downloading this AgLanta Grows-A-Lot  Adoption Process form.  

  • Please review the property's location, permitted urban agriculture uses,  applicant requirements, costs, and deadlines.  
  •  If  these properties are not a good fit for your urban agriculture project, we encourage you to join an existing urban garden or farm in Aglanta, or check back in for new properties in the future.
  • If you identify a property that could be a good fit for your urban garden or urban farm take the first step:  submit the online "AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Site Inquiry" form below  to ask about a site, assistance with the process, or sign up for an open house
  • Everyone interested in growing healthy food in Atlanta is welcome at 2018  AgLanta Academys. (Email to sign up.) 


Step 1: Submit the "AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Site Inquiry" form below to schedule a site visit.


AgLanta "Grows-A-Lot" Team

City of Atlanta's Mayor's Office of Resilience:  55 Trinity Ave. Suite 3450;  Atlanta, GA, 30303

Mario Cambardella;  CoA Urban Agriculture Director I OoR I   AgLanta

Elizabeth Beak;  CoA Food Systems Planner I Grows-A-Lot Project Manager I ; 404-546-0164 or 843-901-3635

Maurice Small,  Urban Agriculture Coordinator ; Groundwork

Fred Conrad,  Community Garden Coordinator ; Atlanta Community Food BankFood Well Alliance ;; 404-892-9822                                 

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(See AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Map of available urban garden and urban farm parcels by clicking "Urban Garden Adoption" or "Urban Farm Adoption" above)
Please clarify if this property is an urban garden or urban farm.
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After reviewing the location, permitted urban agriculture uses for this site, applicant threshold requirements, costs, and application deadlines, this applicant would like to take to take the next step. Please email the contacts listed above: *