Aglanta Forum Program


Join us on Friday, July 21st, 2017 to kick off the very first Aglanta Forum! A two-day garden education event full of in-depth workshops on Home Food Gardens and Community Gardens. Tuition free scholarships available!  

In addition to workshops, there will be two lunchtime plenary speakers from leaders of successful food gardening projects: Lee Perry of Feet Farms from Orlando and Bobby Wilson from Metro Atlanta Urban Farm. Lunch will be provided by Ted's Montana Grill.

The Aglanta Forum will be capped off on Saturday at 5 p.m. with a screening of Dirt and Deeds In Mississippi a film about the role farmers of African descent played in the Civil Rights movement by providing food, shelter, and leveraging land as collateral to help activists.

Dirt and Deeds was co-produced by Dr. Doris Derby and narrated by Danny Glover.  This extraordinary film reveals the captivating story of a Delta community called Mileston, in which sharecropping families gained control of 10,000 acres of some of the best land in the state as a result of a New Deal experiment in the 1930s. These landowners became instrumental leaders in the Civil Rights movement. 

The film will be followed by a panel featuring Dr. Derby, Bobby Wilson, CEO of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm, and Chris Norman, founder of the Atlanta Land Trust. 

Friday - 10:00 am Auditorium Welcoming remarks from Stephanie Stuckey, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Atlanta -Mayor’s Office of Resilience

Friday - 10:35 am  Opening presentation from Dr. John Taylor  on Urban Food Gardens in the Global North, both home and community gardens. Speakers and panelists discuss a decentralized model of urban agriculture, involving hundreds of food producers and offering innovative ways to engage residents to build their communities. Presenting: Dr. John Taylor, Assistant Professor of Agroecology at the University of Rhode Island, Dept. of Plant Sciences and Entomology. 

  • Mr. Charlie Monroe: American Community Gardens Association, President
  • Mr. Gil Frank: Co-founder, Executive Director, Historic Westside Gardens ATL, Inc.
  • Moderator: Mr. Mario CambardellaUrban Agriculture Director, City of Atlanta -Mayor’s Office of Resilience

Following the opening panel, participants will be able to attend one of two tracks:

  1. Urban Home Food Gardening (HOME GARDEN TRACK) or
  2. Community Food Gardening (COMMUNITY GARDEN TRACK).

When registering, indicate which track you wish to sign up for. 

COMMUNITY TRACK:  Community Gardens 

(led by American Community Garden Association

Friday, July 21st, 2017

CF1: Community Garden Workshop Community Organizing 101

This workshop teaches participants, “How to Get Things Done without doing it All Yourself” and “Creating Gardens That Lasts. Also, they will learn how to organize their community - meaning your neighbors, local business, and municipalities – to work together and as a group, push this project to fruition.

CF2: Community Garden Workshop Leadership Development

 Participants will also create a draft Leadership Development plan and learn how to develop and nurture their own leadership skills. Participants will learn skills to help lead in their own community, and differences between a leader and a community organizer and motivating techniques.

CF3: Community Garden Workshop Asset-Based Community Development

Participants will learn five categories of assets in a community, define capacity inventory and develop a Reciprocal Partnership Map. They will also learn how to utilize various aspects of your community: individual skills/money, businesses, institutions, etc.

CF4: Community Garden Workshop Meeting Facilitation & Group Decision-Making

Participants will learn five elements and strategies for successful meetings at least three interventions, techniques and steps to consensus making. Running meetings can be very difficult – participants will also learn how to efficiently plan and run a meeting and make collective decisions.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

CS5: Community Garden Workshop Grassroots Fundraising

Participants will identify sources of non-profit funding, describe at least three fundraising strategies and learn how to develop a draft fundraising case for your organization. Asking for money can be scary – in this workshop, we will tackle our fears and learn ways to successfully raise money for your garden.

CS6: Community Garden Workshop Board Development

Participants will be able to identify differences between Board and Executive Director and list desired characteristics of effective Board Members. They will also learn about the functions of a board of directors and how to recruit effective board members.

CS7: Community Garden Workshop Diversity 

Participants will learn how cultural experiences shape their own life perspectives and develop at least one new strategy to support diversity in our work. Also, learn and share what diversity means to you, its impact and types of diversity.

CS8: Community Garden Workshop Steps to Start and Sustain a Community Garden

  Learn ACGA’s 10 simple steps to Start and Sustain a Community.  ACGA’s Core Belief #1 reads, “There are many ways to start or manage a community garden.” This workshop outlines the top 10 successful steps.

HOME TRACK: Urban Home Gardens

(led by Historic Westside Gardens

Friday, July 21st, 2017

HF1: Home Garden Workshop Community of Gardens

Part 1: participants will be introduced to why backyards food gardening, small scale farming network building, address successfully low wealth communities’ challenges: food access, health disparities, and disinvestment. Why they are well designed to solve or alleviate these concerns with asset-based community development (ABCD) principles. We will learn how HWG and Re: Vision network unique approaches to community self- determination, food sovereignty and building power can serve those interested to build abundant communities. 

HF2: Home Garden Workshop Community of Gardens 

Part 2: we will learn more in depth how each one of the two models ‘germinated’ and how we can use their stories to build our own networks of collaboration in the communities where we live and work. Participants, equipped with their insight of the models‘ philosophies-in-action will identify the advantages and disadvantages of the various methodologies, and assemble the basic components of each system. Facilitator: Chris Theal

  • Gil Frank (HWG)
  • Rosario Hernandez (HWG)

HF3: Home Garden Workshop “Gardens of Trust, we deliver” 

Presenting the role of the Garden Angels & Promotoras vis a vis the home gardener, regarding the organization and the community. Adding an understanding of their critical role in the success of the networking approach. We will learn how to build trust as the critical step to go beyond a gardening organization. We will learn from residents who are Garden Angels and Promotoras, what are the primary qualities and requirements for a successful trust-building practice. Facilitator: Wesley Myrick (HWG)

HF4: Home Garden Workshop Food Gardening coaches: Garden Angels and Promotoras

We will learn what is their role vis a vis the home gardener, the organization and the community. Residents who are Garden Angels will share their experience and we will learn from a trainer what are the best practice for a successful trust-building practice. Facilitating: Wesley Myrick, HWG President

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

HS5: Home Garden Workshop The Lay Health Adviser approach

In this workshop, we will discover how trust is the capital needed for transformation. The Lay Health Adviser approach presents a way to tackle health disparities, access to health care and resources. We will experiment how it gives power and control to residents to achieve their wish and wants and design their own solutions. Facilitator: Owen Mathews & Noel Marts (HWG).

HS6: Home Garden Workshop Building an Urban Home Food Garden Network leaderships

In this workshop, we will learn how to create an asset-based, resident- centered leadership. We will study what would be the desired profile for these roles, how to identify and/or recruit, how to train, how to compensate and what to expect through a guided exercise.

  • Facilitation: Gil Frank and all presenters of HWG

HS7: Home Workshop MicroEnterprise Development

Fleet Farming from Orlando, Florida & Grow with the Flow LLC from Tucker, Georgia bring innovative initiative to develop local food business bridging between private lots, volunteers and businesses.

Home Workshop HS8 - Conclusion, Next steps, and Aglanta Allotments

Participants will reflect on what they learn and will design their next steps to further the charge for 100 new home food gardens in 2018 as well as getting an overview of Aglanta Allotment program.