Smart Urban Development

What are the game changing technologies that will help cities develop sustainably? The cities of the future need to be innovative, connected, and resilient to climate change. Planning strategies at the building or neighborhood scale is not enough; rather, long-term urban master planning is how we may affect change. This topic will highlight the cutting edge technologies being used for Smart Urban Development in Atlanta and beyond. Agricultural systems will be part of future planning and curated speakers will share how innovations in planning and agriculture will work together for the development of the productive cities of the future.


Smart Resources Management

How can we get more out of less? Waste is never a good thing. We have become far too used to creating excessive waste in our rapidly growing societies. Now and in the future, Smart Agriculture will include a suit of sensors and analytics to measure every drop of water, every kilowatt of energy, and even every pound of waste in a system. Smart Resources Management will include a lively panel from the technology companies leading the way and a special talk by an industry expert. The applications for Smart Resource Management stretch far beyond agriculture and will be applicable in evolving urban centers into full fledged smart cities.


Smart Operations

How can you best accelerate the intelligence of your operation? Imagine a future where you can use Augmented Reality and Computer Vision to discover and analyze what works well in your operation and what is holding it back from optimal performance. How will AI improve operations and transform the way work is done in urban farms? Could AI propel farmers towards profitability faster than we ever anticipated? Of course, robotics and automation will be explored by our speakers and panelists as we consider what Smart Farming Operations in the Smart City will really look like.


Smart Finance

How can we fund agriculture in the smart city? Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, ICO’s, Crowdfunding, VCs, Impact Investors? The list of established and emerging sources of funding gets longer and longer but what really makes sense for the new tech-focused urban farmers in and around Smart Cities? Our speakers for this topic have been hand selected from across the spectrum of funding methods to ensure that you get up to speed with all of your Smart Finance possibilities. Innovation grants, economic development incentives, and more will also be covered in panels and talks.


Smart Education

How can we teach a city to grow smart? Sometimes it feels like we are catching up, reacting to the problems we created years ago that are affecting us today. There is much to do to resolve today’s current issues, but we must start being proactive to avoid further environmental threats. Smart Cities of the future must educate their youngest residents early on about innovative practices, accelerating their capacity to solve problems before they even happen. As part of our ongoing commitment to education in agriculture, this topic will cover tactics for teaching our youth about technology and agriculture from an early age in order to create lasting value in our future leaders.


Smart Distribution

How can we transform the urban food distribution system from a liability to a thriving asset? How will autonomous vehicles transform food distribution in the Smart City? Will last-mile delivery and food subscription services continue to rise? What about new forms of farming like distributed agriculture and hyper-local methods? How will all of these models and technologies compound in the Smart City and what can Smart Agriculturalists do today to take advantage of the rapidly evolving urban food system? Hear from top experts in autonomous vehicles and experienced professionals working in incumbent food distribution systems to learn how to stay ahead of the curve.


Smart Retail

How can we reduce waste, improve nutrition, and transform customer experience? Some say that in the future your supermarket will test your DNA and recommend the best food products to keep you healthy and strong. Is personalized nutrition the future of food retail? Or, will brick & mortar retail fail entirely while online fresh produce sales skyrocket? New methods of hyper-local in store farming will be explored and analyzed for their value to the customer, the business, and the environment. Case studies of large retailers attempts will be covered by innovators and entrepreneurs looking to disrupt retail.