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CEA Workshops

Aglanta will kick off with a morning of CEA workshops designed to help you jump-start your urban farm. There will be four sessions in total from which you can choose two. Each workshop session has been developed by members of the Blue Planet Consulting team and will be facilitated by them and a local Atlanta partner. Topics include site selection, choosing hydroponic equipment and methods, hydroponics and education, farm development, and crop selection. 

Participants who register for the morning workshops will be able to register for 2 of the 4 workshops. Following the workshops, participants will sit down for a buffet-style lunch and hear from students engaged in urban agriculture in Atlanta. 

Workshop 1 - Hydroponics Methods & Equipment

In this hydroponics workshop, participants will be introduced to four types of hydroponics systems. We will explore the theory behind nutrient delivery systems, identify the advantages and disadvantages of the various methodologies, and assemble the basic components of a hydroponic system.


Paul Brentlinger - President, CropKing

Djavid Abraham - Lead Systems Designer, Blue Planet Consulting


Workshop 2 - Hydroponics & Education

This workshop is aimed at helping educational administrators and teachers reach the human and financial resources they need to integrate urban farming programs into their curriculum. There will be a focus on CEA methods including hydroponics and vertical farming for education. This session will also showcase the best methods to build self-sufficiency in managing these systems within educational institutions.


Ashley Rouse - Farm to School Director, Sodexo

Yara Nagi - Sustainability Manager, Blue Planet Consulting


Workshop 3 - Lighting your Farm

What is the process and steps to determine which lights are best for your farm? LEDs, HPS, MH, Fluorescents, etc... What information do you collect?  This workshop will outline that workflow and the steps taken to choose the right lights for your greenhouse or vertical farm.


Rebecca Knight - VP of Research and Technology, Civic Farms

Steven Szewczyk - Horticultural Lighting Solutions Specialist, P.L. Light Systems

Jeffrey Landau - Systems Engineer, Blue Planet Consulting


Workshop 4 - Beyond Lettuce

Anything can be grown in a hydroponic system, technically. So why do most controlled-environment farms rely on a very specific crop list for revenue generation? This workshop will explore the possibilities and limitations of crop diversification in CEA. You will learn where to find the best varieties and the basics of letting your crop selection be driven by market demand. 


Bodie Pennisi - PhD Enviromental Horticulture, University of Georgia

Orion Ashmore - Lead Researcher, Blue Planet Consulting


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Later Event: February 19
Lunch Lecture & Youth Pitches