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AgLanta Conference 2018


2 Days, 7 smart topics, 30+ speakers, and 300+ attendees

The 2018 AgLanta Conference is a dynamic urban agriculture conference, organized by Agritecture and hosted by the City of Atlanta’s Office of Resilience, to showcase urban and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) innovation, foster community engagement, and generate economic development.

Cities and companies around the world are recognizing the growing demand for local food coupled with an ever growing urban population. As a result, urban and controlled environment agriculture has emerged as a promising and viable solution. All forms of urban agriculture can work together to drive food access, economic development, as well as social, environmental, and health benefits.

Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing pattern of cities and conferences focusing on the "Smart City". These conversations tend to encompass everything from IoT to energy efficiency, but almost always leave agriculture out of the picture, which is why we’ve made this year’s theme, “Smart Ag for Smart Cities”.

The AgLanta Conference will feature workshops and panels covering a range of critical Smart City topics—each with a particular focus on the multiple roles Smart Agriculture will play in making cities more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.