AgLanta Academy

AgLanta Academy is a workshop series for AgLanta Grows-A-Lot  pilot  teams (and public ) to learn, share best practices, and grow!  Please visit the Aglanta resource page to connect with additional urban agriculture training opportunities and partners in AgLanta. 

 Photo Credit (above): Andrew Bailey. (Below):  click photo to see  pilot Grows-A-Lot Urban Garden teams working on site plans and garden permits. 

Photo Credit (above): Andrew Bailey. (Below):  click photo to see  pilot Grows-A-Lot Urban Garden teams working on site plans and garden permits. 

Academy # 1: Urban Garden Site Plans + SAPs

When: Saturday, January 13, 2018 (2:30-4:30 PM) 

Where:  Atlanta Community Food Bank: 970 Jefferson St. NW. (Please park on the side of the building.) 

* Pre-academy site visit with Mario + Urban Garden Team 

Academy Agenda

Introductions:  Pilot teams introduce themselves + their site plan ideas from pre-visit ( 2:30-2:50 PM)

Power point: Common community garden models, common elements (ex: pollinator patches), common tips (soil safety, reaching into beds etc.), but what makes your site and community garden unique? (2:50-3:00 PM)

Garden Team Work Stations: Teams rotate through two stations (3:00-3:30/ 3:30-4:00 PM). 

Team design presentations: Feedback all (4:00-4:20 PM).

Post-Workshop Homework: (4:20-4:30 PM)


Grow Veg.JPG

Academy # 2: Crop Planning, Planting + 2018 Budgets 

When: Saturday February  10, 2018 (2:00-4:00 PM)

Where: Ecosystem Farm 1088 Bouldercrest DR SE, Atlanta 30316

* Pre-academy site visit with Maurice, Fred, or Beak to prep site +  stake phase one of site plan. (1/27, 2/3, 2/10 before Academy). 

Academy Agenda

Introductions:  Pilot teams share their DRAFT Urban Garden Budgets - Funding/Donation Ideas for Phase 1 of your garden ( 2:00-2:45 PM). 

Power point: Crop Planning - planting calendar by month, Mother Jones Companion Planting Guide, tool (2:45-3:00 PM).

Garden team work stations:  Teams rotate between two stations (3:00 - 3:40 PM).

  •  Direct Sow/ Transplant Demo (3:00- 3:20 PM).
  •   Crop planning  + Grow Veg! (3:20-3:40).

Support & review for your 2018 crop plan: all (3:40-4:00 PM).

Post-Workshop Homework: 

  • Deadline Feb 28:
  • Complete staking phase 1
  •  Somplete spring 2018 crop plan
  • Start early seeds.
  • Complete garden budget for phase 1 of your site plan. Apply for 1-2 grants on 2018 Grant Calendar, cultivate Sponsors, donations.  


 Photo credit: Atlanta Community Food Bank 

Photo credit: Atlanta Community Food Bank 

 Photo credit: Park Pride

Photo credit: Park Pride

Academy # 3: Build Your Garden Team + Garden Build Event

When: Saturday March 3, 2018 (2:00-4:00 PM) 

Where: Atlanta Community Food Bank  970 Jefferson St. NW. (Please park on the side of the building.) 

Introductions: Urban garden team updates + celebrations  (2:00-2:10 PM). 

Power Point: Tools of strong, sustainable garden teams: garden guidelines, garden communication plan, garden team roles, membership fees, common area maintenance (2:10-2:30 PM) *(credit for sample templates include American Community Garden Association, Louisville Grows, Denver Urban Gardens, Atlanta Community Food Bank etc. )

Garden Team Work Station 1: Work on above (2:30-3:00 PM).

Power Point: Planning your garden build event: date + checklist/resources (waivers, photo releases, resource list - materials etc.) (3:00-3:10 PM). * Credit for template is The Conservation Fund. Link to 2018 shared grant calendar and resource list can be accessed through garden managers. 

Garden Team Work Station 2: Plan garden build event + date + partners/team.

Presentations: Date of garden build + next steps. 

Homework:  Team planning + execution of your garden build event.



Academy # 4: Urban Garden Opening Celebrations

When: Saturday April 21, 2018 (Times  TBD)

Locations: Grows-A-Lot Pilot Sites


AgLanta Academy # 5: Pollinator Gardens and Ecological Pest Management. 


When:  Saturday,  May 19th (3:00 - 5:00 PM)

Where: Venetian Hills Grows-A-Lot Urban Garden Site:   1597 Campbellton rd. SW 30311

What: Pollinators and Bugs in your Garden! 

Introductions (AgLanta Urban Garden Teams.  Introduction to this pilot garden site by Community Foodscapes and the Campbellton Urban Garden Team,  Guest teacher Becky Griffin with UGA

Field Class: - (UGA  Extension + All) - Pollinators and bugs in your garden! 

Power Point and resources will be posted soon.