Farm to the Curb...2017 Highlights

To the 280 participants at this year's Taste of Aglanta, 

To the 15 urban farms located within the City of Atlanta that contributed produce, 

To the 16 restaurants and chefs who made amazingly delicious culinary treats,

To the one and only, Sweet Auburn Curb Market and its staff, 

To the incredible event team at Groundwork Atlanta and Mayor's Office of Resilience

And to our host, the venerable First Lady of Atlanta, Sarah-Elizabeth Reed,


Thank you for making the 2017 Taste of Aglanta a smash success


The Taste of Aglanta is a special night for many reasons. It’s a night to spotlight our City's urban farming community and the importance of their work providing access to nutrition to our City. It’s a night to strengthen the local food economy and forge new relationships between our culinary chefs, the grower of produce they use, and the consumers seeking some really great food! 


Please enjoy these photos from our special night and look for future opportunities to engage with our local food movement in Atlanta - AGLanta! 


Fun fact from the night; The average mile of produce used for the event traveled just 6 miles to the Curb Market. The efficacy of our local food movement is STRONG!