Urban Farm Application Requirements

Threshold Criteria: 

  1. AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Urban Farm Application and 2 page worksheet.

  2. Resume(s) - demonstrating farm applicant has a minimum of two years experience in agricultural production.

  3. Letters of Recommendation (2) - indicating why applicant is qualified to farm this site.

  4. Farm narrative - description of proposed farm and applicant (500 - 1500 words).

  5. Farm business plan - AgPlan online farm business planningtemplate.


Photo credits- Food Well Alliance, Aluma Farms, Freewheel Farms,  Google Earth, Elizabeth Beak 

What is an Urban Farm on a Right-of-Way?

There are talented urban farmers in AgLanta. Many have stated that access to land is one of their top challenges. AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Urban Farms will be piloted on Georgia Power Right-of-Ways (ROW) as a secondary land use. An energy right-of-way  (ROW) is the "physical land area upon which the utility equipment is located" (, 2007). The primary use of the land in Georgia Power ROWS is to supply a "safe, reliable" source of energy to the population. However, energy ROWs also represent miles of cleared, arable land that crisscross through Atlanta. This type of land is rare in Atlanta, the "City in a Forest". The land in a ROW cannot be built upon, thus is more secure through the ebb and flow of urban development. Cities such as Seattle, Toronto, and LA have cultivated creative agreements with utility companies, non-profits and farmers to transform ROWs into linear farms and trail networks that weave through the urban landscape. Georgia Power secondary land use guidelines must be followed on AgLanta Grows-A-Lot urban farm site plans and operations (ex: trees can not be more than 15', 25' setbacks around the towers etc.) However, urban farmers are adaptable and creative. City of Atlanta will partner with Georgia Power, Groundwork Atlanta, Fulton County Soil and Water Conservation District and farmer(s) to pilot the AgLnta Grow-A-Lot Urban Farms in the Fall of 2017. This pilot offers farmers a 5-year license, with options for 3-year renewals. 


Urban Farm Application Process 

Steps 1-3: Urban Farm Application

Deadline to submit application: TBD (11:59 PM)


AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Urban Farm Applicants must complete the 5-step application process outlined in the AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Adoption Process. Once a farmer identifies a property of interest, they can start this process by submitting an:

  1. "AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Site Inquiry" online form about a specific property available for adoption.

  2. Participate in an open house (site visit + information session).

  3. "AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Urban Farm Application", resume (s), letters of recommendation (2), farm narrative, and farm business plan via AgPlan.

*Please reference  AgLanta resources , "Recommended Urban Ag Uses" for your site, and secondary land use guidelines in your application and highlight ways you are/will be partnering to grow a safe, equitable and resilient food system! 

Step 4: Urban Farm Review Process

Review Period: (TBD 2020)

  1. Applications that meet 100% of the threshold requirements will be reviewed by the AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Application Committee (AGAC), comprised of farmers and food system leaders.

  2. Applicants deemed most qualified by the AGAC will be interviewed.

  • In the case of a tie, preference points will be awarded to applicants for the following:

  1. Applicant lives, works, or owns a business within the same zip code, neighborhood, or NPU as that farm site.

  2. Minority or women-owned business.

  3. Graduated from a regional garden training program (Ex: Truly Living Well, HABESHA, Georgia Organics, UGA, Global Growers , apprenticed with a local garden or farm etc.)

  • If established criteria do not produce a clear candidate, CoA will hold a lottery to assign site.

           3. Applicant will be notified if they have been selected (TBD 2020)


Step 5: Submitting Urban Garden SAP, Licensure Agreement, Proof of Insurance, Bank Account, and Organizational Structure 

Requirements for Adoption Finalized: (TBD 2020)

By (TBD 2020) AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Adopters must submit


Submit AgLanta Grows-A-Lot Urban Farm forms to: 

Attn: Elizabeth Beak, or deliver to Department of City Planning,  55 Trinity Ave. SW, Suite 3500 Atlanta, GA 30303



The following application administration and license fees will be paid at the time the license agreement is finalized:

  Five-year license administrative fee($50) and annual license fee ($50) for first 1/2 acre, then $45 for each additional 1/4 acre to: Groundwork Atlanta      

Water meter/back flow: ($0.00 paid for by OoR).

Proof of Insurance 

Urban Agriculture SAP ($30.00/year) to: “City of Atlanta” in the form of cash, credit card, personal/cashier check, or money order.